SoulCycle : The Hip New Fitness Trend

The chances are you’ve heard a thing or two about the latest and hippest fitness trend of the moment, SoulCycle. This innovative stationary bike workout has become one of the most talked about new fitness workouts on both the East and West Coast.

So just what is SoulCycle? Well, it’s a 45 minute workout class that merges the traditional spinning class with upper body strengthening moves. At SoulCycle, each workout incorporates both lower and upper body exercises, allowing participants to get a full body workout. SoulCycle converts rave of how effective and fun these classes are. Top 40 pop tunes and feelgood classics are played throughout the workouts, and participants are often encouraged to sing and dance along to the music. Each class is led by a instructor whose motivating presence along with the inspirational quotes adorned on each SoulCycle studio’s wall add the “soul” element to these en vogue workouts.

SoulCycle is without a doubt one of the hippest fitness trends of the moment, but if you need further motivation for trying out one of their Los Angeles or NYC studios, here are 5 reasons why you might want to give a SoulCycle spinning class a try:

  • It’s Fun – At SoulCycle you can ditch your regular treadmill and weights routine for a fun and invigorating full body workout where you’re encouraged to let loose and be yourself. The instructors make it their duty to keep participants motivated, and encourage them to have as much fun as they can during their workouts.
  • It’s a Great Workout – You can burn as many as 700 calories during a SoulCycle class so you’re virtually guaranteed to feel the burn. A typical SoulCycle class will first focus on lower body, then upper body exercises such as handle bar pushups, weight lifting and ab twists followed by a cool down and stretching. While most typical spinning classes solely focus on working the lower body, you will likely leave a SoulCycle class feeling like you’re entire body has been put through its paces.
  • It Has the Celebrity Factor – Celebrities seem to absolutely love this fitness trend, with a plethora of celebs being avid classgoers. Katie Holmes, Kelly Ripa, Lena Dunham, Lady Gaga, Jake Gyllenhaal and Star Jones are all fans, and the celebrity list of SoulCycle devotees only seems to be growing. If you like to follow and stay up to date with latest celebrity fitness trends, this is definitely a class for you.
  • It Has Great Music – Where else can you get your sweat on while listening to a remix of Eminem’s greatest hits or the latest techno beats? The blasting, energizing music adds to SoulCycle’s charm and you never know – you may find yourself dancing and singing on your bike as you work it out.
  • Discounts are Available for First Classes – There’s no doubt about it, SoulCycle classes are on the pricey side, but a Soul Cycle discount is available for first time goers if the class is booked by calling the studio directly.

So what do you think? Are you raring to go to your first class or are you going to stick to your gym’s regular spinning class? SoulCycle doesn’t come cheap and it’s only currently available in the NYC region and Southern California, but the chances are a studio may be coming to your area before you know it. And if there so happens to be a studio near you, why not give it a try? You may even enjoy it!

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