5 Easy & Realistic Tips for a Healthy New Year

Healthy New Year Tips

Healthy new year goals often top the list of people’s new year resolutions but they can also be some of the hardest to stick to. People often make the mistake of making healthy new years resolutions that are simply too unrealistic or time consuming to fit into their existing lifestyles.

However, making healthy changes for the new year is very possible and there are many ways you can improve your health in 2013 without having to make any drastic or radical changes to your everyday routine.

To help you set realistic and easy to stick to healthy new year resolutions, here are 5 of our top suggestions for a healthy year:

1. Exercise at Work

If you find that you’re too tired in the morning and at night to work out, why not bring the gym to your office? You likely have down time each working day when you could dedicate some time to fit some exercise in. Try walking to lunch rather than driving and opt for the stairs instead of the elevator whenever you can. You could also try bringing in some light dumbbell weights into your office or cubicle and you could do some reps whenever you have some time to kill or even during a lengthy phone call. No matter how busy your lifestyle is, there really is no excuse not to make exercise part of your daily routine. If you’ve found that you’ve let things slide this year exercise wise, make a concerted effort to break a sweat daily in 2013.

2. Try Juicing

One of your best new years resolution may be to eat more fruits and vegetables but if you’re not an avid cook or don’t have a lot of time to spend preparing food you may find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet in the new year. However, there’s a simple an effective way to get all (or most) of your daily recommended fruits and veggies in one drink – and this is by juicing. Juice recipes are often incredibly easy and fast to create and all you need is to invest in a good juicer and you’ll be set. Juicing can be an easier and more cost effective way to get healthier and even lose weight than investing in some fad diet or complicated healthy eating plan. So why not give juicing a go?

Try this simple recipe for a healthy juice that tastes great too!

  • 1 cucumber
  • 3 kale leaves
  • 2 green apples
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 little bit of ginger

3. Drink More Water

If you don’t go for juicing, at least drink more water in the new year. Water is essential for maintaining a healthy and balanced body, but many people drink much less than the recommended daily dose. Try swapping your morning coffee for a glass of iced water and you may be surprised at just how energizing water can be. And if there isn’t bottled or filtered water available at your workplace avoid filling up on sugary (and unhealthy) sodas by bringing in a bottle of filtered water each day. Water may taste a little boring compared to your usual drinks, but its health benefits are undeniable and you can even spice it up a little by adding a flavored water enhancer to your glass.

4. Sleep More

The chances are you don’t get enough sleep. Perhaps you like to stay up late watching television or you just feel like you have too much going on to get your eight hours, but it is really is vital that you get regular decent amounts of sleep. Not getting enough sleep can wreak havoc with your health, energy levels and even cause premature aging. Stay on top of your sleeping pattern by always trying to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. This may be tough at first but once you’ve got into the routine of a decent night’s sleep you should notice the health benefits in no time.

5. Cut Back on Alcohol

There’s no denying it, excessive alcohol intake isn’t good for you. A glass of wine now and then likely won’t do you any harm, but regular alcohol intake can cause serious health problems and a recent study has even shown that alcoholism can shorten your life more than smoking. This doesn’t mean you have to give up alcohol all together but for a healthier new year you may want to cut back on your alcohol intake if you tend to drink a bit more than you should. If you’re unsure of how much you drink weekly make a diary to see whether your intake is healthy or not. There’s likely no need to become stone sober, but try to cut back on where you can.

By incorporating these┬álife changing yet simple healthy tips for the new year, you can become healthier, feel more energized and be more productive. If you keep an open mind and aren’t afraid to embrace change in the new year, you can do it all. Happy New Year!

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